Ricco (TV Series) Comedy Sitcom TV Show.

Ricco (TV Show)
Genre Comedy


Created by Troy Miller (Creator)
Written by Phil Derrick (written by)
Directed by Phil Derrick (director)

Ron Howard (co-director)

Starring Arley Swaby

Nolberto Swaby

Narrated by Arley Swaby (narrator by voices)
Opening theme Ricco (TV Show) Opening
Composer(s) David Schwartz (composed by)
Language(s) English

Spanish (Mexican)

No. of seasons 28
No. of episodes 256 (List of episodes)
Chloe Walter (executive producer)
Amaila Mayo (co-producer)
Producer(s) Amaila Mayo (producer)

Ron Howard (producer)

Brian Grazer (producer/supervisor)

Elroy Bryan (supervisor producer)

Editor(s) Chloe Walter (editor)
Location(s) Los Angeles, California


Cinematography Disney Channel[1]
Distributor That's So Productions
Original channel Disney Channel
First shown in April 1, 2017
First aired April 25, 2018 (first aired)
Status Active
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Casts Edit

  • Arley Swaby as, Ricco Gullien (unknown episodes) Freddy's friend.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as, Max Gullien, Ricco's grandfather, Gerry's drunken father.
  • Ashley Swaby as, Isabela Gullien, Ricco's sister, Max's granddaughter.
  • Jesika Ebanks as, Janet "Rico" Isabela (unknown episodes) Ricco's far-cousin.
  • Vanessa Swaby as, Danna Walles (unknown episodes) Ricco's close friend.
  • Derlis Swaby Mayo as, Erick Gullien, Ricco's father, Earl's half-brother.
  • Nolberto Swaby as, Earl Gullien, Ricco's uncle, Erick's half-brother.
  • Shaniel Swaby Mayo as, Juile Gullien, Ricco's aunt, Earl's wife.
  • Caridad Camacho as, Angie Clarissa, Ricco's aunt, James's wife.
  • Maria Rivers as, Tata Clarissa, Ricco's best friend.
  • Rudy Swaby as, Ricky (unknown episodes) Ricco's close-friend.
  • Liliana Rivers as, Gina Morales (flashback) Ricco's adopted cousin.

Guest Starrings Edit

  • Celeb Pena Mayo as, Cody Gullien, Ricco's and Erick's & Earl's first cousin.
  • Yanet Swaby as, Jill Maverick, Ricco's cousin.
  • Rachel Ebanks as, Vanessa Riggle, Ricco's friend.
  • Harvey Swaby as, Jordan Gullien, Jill's brother, Ricco's friend.
  • Maria Swaby as, Jean Gully, Ricco's bff.
  • Kathryn Kleinworth as, Rowan Klein, Ricco's besties.
  • Joseph Swaby as, Oliver Kevin, Ricco's cousin, bully ally.
  • Miguel Amador as, Kyle Bennings, Ricco's respect friend.
  • Erbin Swaby Rivers as, Bernard Gullien, Ricco's maternal grandfather, best friend.
  • Romana Ortiz as, Ricco's mentioned maternal grandmother (mentioned; guest starring) Ricco's maternal grandmother.
  • Henry Rosales Torres as, Nathan Levin, Ricco's first cousin.
  • Francisco Hernandez Ballester as, Hutch, Ricco's uncle, Earl's best friends.
  • Luidmila Ortiz as, Herself (flashbacks)
  • Roger Swaby Rivers as, Uncle Gerry Ricco's great-uncle, Max's brother.


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