Our Whole Universe
Format Sitcom
Starring TBA
Opening theme "TBA" performed by
Country of origin Template:USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 113 (List of episodes)
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22-24
Original channel Disney Channel
First aired September, 2009
Last aired May, 2017
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The series follows Leonard 'Leo' Haverchuck, a very cool teenager force to move to High School for Nerds and introducing Sheldon Schweiber, the very smart and shy. Nick Miller, the nerd guy love girls and money. Robbie Sharpie, a very smart and very skinny guy.

Main cast and characters Edit

Johnny Desario
Jim Levine
Matt McCarska
Sean Thomason
Kelsey Cuoco
Christine Lee-Briber

  • Leonard 'Leo' Haverchuck: was a nice and cool guy. He is 17 Years old and moves to a Town to New School and Live his own life. He moves in to 3 Nerds: Sheldon, Nick and Robbie and 2 girls: Penny and Ashely. They became a good friends. Leo have a huge crush on Penny.
  • Sheldon Schweiber: was shy nerd and very good at fixing, science experiment and hacker into computer.
  • Nick Miller: was a nerd who interests Money and Girls, but something is not workout how.
  • Robbie Sharpie was shy and scary of all this will happen to him.
  • Penny Valentine was a pretty and kind girl. But good friend.
  • Ashley Jackson was a hottest girl and tires to become famous celebrity. But good friend.

Recurring cast and characters Edit

  • Carter: was Leo's old friend, back from New York high school. He loves playing sport, girls and going out too.
  • Neville: was a Leo's enemy nerd.

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