Plot Edit

Sally is a girl who dislikes school and homework and wants to be a grown up but on the other hand Jamie her adoptive sister loves school and home work .

So one day after school Sally sat in her and Jamie's room then a magical box ( it's actually a person who was trapped inside a box by a witch ). Came and took Sally and Jamie to the Opposite World where kids are grown ups . So now Sally and Jamie learn grown up life

Adapted from Opposite Day ( 2009 film)

Cast Edit

if the Opposite Day was made in 2016 this would be the cast

Lauren Taylor as Sally

Rowan Blanchard as Jamie

Joshua Carlon as Freddie

Tba as Alvin

Episode List Edit

Opposite Days
Genre Sci - Fi , action comedy
Created by Bryan Moore
Written by Bryan Moore
Directed by Bryan Moore
Opening theme Opposite Life
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 23 ( 1st Season ) , 31 ( 2nd Season ) 25 ( 3rd Season ) 29 ( 4th Season (List of episodes)
First shown in 2036
First aired July 22, 2036